Review of Sisley Instant Eclat Primer


When I saw that Sisley had a new primer, the Instant Eclat Primer, I had to try it. I absolutely love Sisley as a brand, and while I haven't loved every Sisley product I've ever tried, I have definitely had more good experiences than "meh" ones. I was excited to try the Instant Eclat Primer because it is a radiant primer, and I'm always looking for ways to boost my skin's radiance.

Sisley is known for incorporating great skin care into their products, so I was hopeful that this primer was a different kind of radiant primer than I typically find on the market. I feel like with some "radiant" primers, companies just add some sparkle to an existing formula and call it radiant, whereas what I'm looking for in a radiant primer is a true glow-from-within radiance that comes from the primer being super good for your skin.

For the past four weeks, I have tested the Instant Eclat Primer. Here, I share information about this product and what I discovered through my testing.

**Note: This is not a sponsored post and I purchased the Instant Eclat Primer myself.**

The Price:

The Instant Eclat Primer is a luxury skincare item, priced at $90 for 1 fluid ounce of product.

The Claims:

According to the Sisley website, "Instant Eclat is both an illuminating primer and radiance-boosting skin care. A luminous complexion is easily achievable--including reproducing the same effects taught by professional make-up artists with just one step & product."

Sisley also claims that "Instant Eclat immediately revives the complexion's radiance, erases shadowy areas and signs of tiredness, while it smooths and evens skin texture. A complex of key skin care ingredients (Kiwi extract, Butcher's Broom extract, and Padina pavonica extract) acts on 4 key factors that influence the complexion's radiance day after day: moisturizing, energizing, toning, and giving a plumped look. Its fresh, evanescent texture feels like a light, second skin. Non-greasy, non-comedogenic and perfectly adhering, it may be applied immediately before or after makeup without the need for drying time."

My Testing Method:

I was interested in how the product performed as a primer, so I used the Instant Eclat Primer under various foundations (including matte, radiant, drugstore, and higher-end foundations) over the course of one month. I also used the primer with various concealers and setting powders during the testing period.

My Skin Type:

I have combination and sensitive 47-year-old skin. I am oily throughout the T-zone and drier on the rest of my face. I normally have to touch up in the T-zone about once per day, all other things being equal.


  • The Instant Eclat Primer has a great, smooth texture going on the skin and is not tacky (a good thing for me - I prefer a smoother as opposed to a tackier primer). Nor does it have a greasy feeling straight out of the tube. Consistent with Sisley's claims, I was able to apply my foundation very quickly after applying the primer with no problems.

  • It feels like good skin care and adds a nice layer of moisture to my skin without making me feel greasy. Every morning, my skin felt nice and prepped for my foundation.

  • It behaved well with my various foundations and I did not experience any foundation separation or caking that I can attribute to the primer.

  • What I like most about this primer is that it provides the kind of radiance that I like - a true glow-from-within pearly radiance, as opposed to an artificial-looking sparkly or glittery appearance. The radiance feels like it is coming from the formula being healthy and good for the skin.


  • The main con of the Instant Eclat Primer is the price. This is a luxury skincare item and is priced as such. But if you are looking for a great radiant primer and are willing to pay the price, this is a great option.

  • The other con is that I became slightly oiler than normal in the T-zone after about 6 hours of wear; however, my foundation still looked good. If you have oiler skin, you may need to touch up when using this primer, which depending on you may be a drawback or no big deal.

Final Thoughts:

I really like the Instant Eclat Primer. It was a winner for me, and I plan to continue using it and will likely purchase it again. It was nice to find a radiant primer that offered a true glow-from-within radiance that was "there" but not overpowering. It worked well on my maturing skin, and I recommend it for over 40s who are looking to glow and want some skincare benefits out of their primer.

Have you tried the Instant Eclat Primer, or do you want to? If you've tried it, what has your experience been?

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