How To Prime Your Eyes Like A Pro

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Having problems with your eyeshadow creasing even though you are using an eyeshadow primer? Or maybe you have never primed your eyes before applying eyeshadow and want your eyeshadow to have more staying power. Either way, the following tips for optimal priming and long-lasting eyeshadow should help you.

So, how do you prime your eyes like a pro? Follow these simple steps.

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1. Clean your eyelids.

First off, if you are having problems with your eyeshadow creasing, part of the problem may be that you have oily eyelids.You might try these Ocusoft Lid Wipes as a first step to clean the eyelids before applying your primer. They have worked wonders for me. (By the way, some drugstores make generic versions of these.) Just don't use a heavy hand with them - they are a little rough if you press too hard, so use a light touch and don't rub your eyes with them.

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2. Prime your eyes.

I'm currently testing a variety of eyeshadow primers, and one thing I am finding is that most primers prevent creasing pretty well if you follow the steps outlined in this post. (That doesn't mean there aren't important differences between the various primers on the market - there definitely are. Stay tuned.) If you aren't currently using an eyeshadow primer, I recommend COL-LAB's The Fundamental Eyeshadow Primer (for more on that see this post), Milani Eyeshadow Primer, or Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

3. Prime under your eyes.

If you are putting eyeliner and/or shadow under your eyes, you can put eyeshadow primer there, too, to keep things in place. Put a tiny amount of eyeshadow primer on the end of a cotton swab and carefully apply under the bottom eyelashes.

4. Apply a thin layer of a matte eyeshadow that matches your skin tone all over the lid.

For me, this would be a white or cream matte shadow (I'm quite pale). This sets your primer and lays a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow.

5. Apply your eyeshadow as usual.

That's it! If you follow these steps, your eyeshadow should have significantly more longevity than before. Let me know how it goes!

What tricks do you use to keep your eyeshadow from creasing?

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