How I Double Cleanse My Makeup Brushes

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makeup brushes

I'm religious about cleaning my makeup brushes. As someone who is very susceptible to eye infections, I am careful about cleaning my brushes and discarding old makeup items (e.g., mascara gets discarded every 3 months). I have a lot of brushes and clean them after nearly every use. But I don't stop with one cleaning. I double clean my brushes.

makeup brushes

I start by washing my brushes with Fels-Naptha, a laundry bar soap that is traditionally used for rubbing stains out of clothing. I find it gets my brushes squeaky clean.

makeup brushes

I simply rub the brushes over the Fels-Naptha for a few moments under running water until the water runs clean.

makeup brushes

Next, I lay the brushes flat on a towel or cloth to dry for at least 12 hours.

makeup brushes

Once they are dry, I dip each brush in Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner (the brush bristles literally suck up the product) and wipe off the bristles gently on the towel. Cinema Secrets is a professional-quality brush cleaner that contains an antimicrobial disinfectant.

Then I let the brushes dry (again, laying flat on a towel or cloth) for another 12 hours.

That's it! How (and how often) do you clean your makeup brushes?

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  1. I clean my brushes the opposite way! I spray them first with the CS brush cleaner, wipe them with paper towel until all or most of makeup comes off. Then I wash it with brush soap! I haven't tried it this way, I will try it the next time I wash mine :P
    Makeup Artist Toronto Olivia Ha

    1. Hi, Olivia, and thank you for your comment! I'm sure your method works great! I hadn't thought of trying the Cinema Secrets cleaner first, but I think I will try it sometime. :)