Makeup That Ages Us. What?

If you haven't seen Cindy Joseph's TED talk, it is worth your while. Cindy Joseph is a 60-something model and businesswoman who started what she calls the Pro-Age Revolution - that is, the idea of celebrating our lives at every single age and not feeling like one is "over the hill" because she is a little older. I like thinking in terms of pro-age rather than anti-age. It's refreshing, and I don't think aging is something that one should be "against."

Now that I am on a pro-age kick, I'm noticing things. Have you ever heard someone say "don't do your makeup this way or that way because it ages you?" What a thing to say! Why is it presumed that "aging" is a thing that makes us look bad? Granted, poorly applied makeup can make a person look...well...bad. But I don't think that aging itself makes a person look bad. There's a difference.

All that said, I don't think there is anything wrong with so-called anti-aging products. I realize that "anti-aging" is a term that is widely used, and I use anti-aging products and makeup techniques to make me look the best I can be at 47 years old. But that's the point. I'm trying to look the best I can be at 47; I'm not trying to look young. And I don't want to look young. I want to be me and look good doing it. My skin isn't as firm as it used to be and I have some fine lines and wrinkles, but so what? That's me.

Let's be pro-age, love makeup, look our best, and embrace ourselves for who we are.

What do you think of the Pro-Age Revolution?

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