Makeup and Skincare I Can Do Without

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I was browsing through the Sephora website earlier today, and it struck me just how many of the current makeup offerings I'm not interested in. I'm not sure how much of this has to do with my being a little older now, but I suspect a lot of it is directly related to my age (I'm 47).

I'm not going to do an actual anti-haul and list out all of the things I'm not going to buy, but I will point out the general things/trends that don't interest me at this point in my life. And this probably goes without saying, but if you like any of these things, then great! Go for it! We're all different.

Anyhoo, here are the things I can do without right now:

1. Glitter.  If you've already read this post, my glitter aversion probably comes as no surprise. I'm not talking shimmer here. I love shimmer. I'm talking true glitter - the kind that is chunky, that you can't control without glitter glue, and that gets everywhere. No more.

2. Wild-colored eyeshadow. There are a lot of oranges, reds, and greens out there right now. They're everywhere. Except on my eyelids.

3. Cutsey packging. Mermaids, unicorns, cartoon characters, all of it. I'm done. I want sophisticated packaging, not cutesy stuff.

4. Colored mascara. There was a time when I could rock the blue or plum mascara, but now I feel it just looks silly on me. Does it look silly on everyone? No. Me? Yes. I'm happy sticking with black or brown.

5. Subscription boxes. These days, I want to pick and choose what I want and what works for me, and the idea of being surprised by what comes in a subscription box doesn't appeal. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of gems that come in those subscription boxes, but as a general rule I find there are also a lot of duds and mismatches, too. I'd just rather not. But maybe one will come along and change my mind...

6. Liquid lipsticks. Those liquid lipsticks that dry down Not only are they uncomfortable, but I don't even like the way they look on me (i.e., like I have chapped lips).

7. Face scrubs. I used to use physical exfoliators daily, and in all likelihood way too often. But now that I'm a little older, I don't want to scrub and tug on my skin. I now opt for chemical exfoliators. (I'm currently using the daily Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads, and I think my skin is much better for it.)

What about you? Are there any trends or types of makeup that you're just not interested in at your age?

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