Holiday Gift Guide for Beauty Junkies

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holiday gift guide

If you are looking for the perfect gifts and/or stocking stuffers for a beauty junkie this holiday season, then I have some strategies for you. Keep in mind that people are of different minds about gift giving - for example, some people absolutely love gift cards (which is one of my strategies below) and others find them impersonal, so your pre-strategy is to really think about who you are buying for and hopefully one or more of the strategies below will match the particular person you are buying for.

At any rate, here are four gift-giving strategies you might use this holiday season.

1. Give a gift card with some thought behind it.

The key idea here is "with some thought behind it." A gift card from Sephora or Ulta would be a good way to go, since that gives your beauty junkie lots of brands and products to choose from. But you can up the specialness factor by doing a few things. First, buy the gift card well in advance of the holidays. A gift card that seems to have been bought in an oh-crap-it's-Christmas-tomorrow-and-I-need-something-desperately fashion isn't so special. And trust me, we KNOW when something was bought at the last minute (e.g., when it shows up under the Christmas tree twenty minutes before it's time to open presents). Second, box and wrap the gift card nicely. Third, don't make the gift card the only gift you give the beauty junkie. And finally, offer to take your beauty junkie out for lunch and then to Sephora/Ulta to use the card. It will make a difference.

Another good source for gift cards is the beauty junkie's esthetician, if she has one. If she does, call the spa/establishment and ask to speak to her esthetician, then ask him or her what kind of spa gift would be particularly good for your beauty junkie - for example, an extended facial service, hydra facial, or maybe something she doesn't normally do for herself and that would be special AND customized for her skin.

2. Ask her what she wants for the holidays...with some thought behind it.

While there are people out there who expect their friends and significant others to magically know what they want in terms of presents, I think most beauty junkies would welcome inquiries about what they'd like for the holidays. Just ask, and then let her know how much you'd like to buy her that special item she's had her eye on but hasn't bought for herself. Then actually follow through and purchase the item well in advance of the holidays. Remember, the thought behind the gift is crucial, so this shouldn't all be done at the last minute. Are you sensing a pattern here?

3. Buy her a sampler-type gift box.

Sephora and Ulta have some great options this year when it comes to makeup and skincare sampler sets. One of the best that I've seen is the Sephora Fragrance Perfume Sampler. For $65, you get 17 perfume samples for your beauty junkie to sample, along with a certificate for a full-size version of whichever perfume she likes most. It's a good deal and a good gift.

Other standouts include two makeup brush sets: the Tarte Limited-Edition Artful Accessories Brush Set at Sephora ($44) and Ulta's Real Techniques Filtered Face Set ($49.99). Beauty junkies can always use more makeup brushes. But shop around - you may see more sets that catch your eye.

4. Purchase a few smaller beauty gifts to accompany the larger one(s).

Don't forget smaller gifts and stocking stuffers! I think the following items would make great gifts for just about any beauty junkie and could be stand-alone gifts or tucked into stockings by Santa. Check them out.

Well, I hope that helps! Beauty junkies, what would you like to get for the holidays this year? Do you have any tips for the gift buyers in your lives?

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