Get To Know Me

It's time to get to know your blogger. Rather than writing a boring summary about me and my life (snoozer), I thought I'd give you just a few random facts about me as a way to get to know me. So here are 10 facts about me.

1. I'm a research psychologist by training. I used to do research on children's eyewitness testimony, and for a couple years I was a psychology professor. I also did consulting work.

2. I'm a breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed in 2012 and I'm still on drug therapy today.

3. I first got into blogging a few years ago and wrote a couple unsuccessful blogs about psychology and one blog about my experiences as a breast cancer patient. I enjoyed those blogs, but I never felt that I had found my real niche.

4. I hate wearing false eyelashes, and my relationship with them is something akin to Snoopy's relationship with the folding chair (if you don't know what I mean, go here). Luckily, I don't want to wear false lashes, so it's all good.

5. I've written two books. One is a novel called Me or Whatever about a GenXer who barely survives the 90s. It's an experimental novel and never took off. However, the free little ebook I wrote called Ten Interesting Things About Human Behavior is popular on Amazon and is frequently the #1 free ebook in its niche.

6. I have two cats who completely run the show at my house. They frequently sit nearby and stare as I blog.

7. I'm a very quiet person and not a big talker in real life, but put me in front of a camera or an audience and I become much more outgoing.

8. I've been into makeup and skincare since I was a teenager - so much so that my Dad made me a vanity table that I still have to this day.

9. I have met my quota on natural disasters. When I was 3, a tornado destroyed my house. When I was 46 (right before starting this blog), a flood destroyed my house. Enough already.

10. When I was little, my Dad made me a "psychiatric booth" like the one Lucy had in the Peanuts cartoon. We put it in the front yard and I sold psychological advice to passers by. True story. See below.

This is me, age 6.

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