Easy Tips For Natural-Looking Makeup

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In the days of Instagram makeup looks, those of us who prefer to wear a more natural look aren't always able to find tutorials and tips for what we want. There's of course nothing wrong with the super glam looks that the younger women are wearing on Instagram, but they don't always serve our needs. We don't want to go to the opposite extreme and be bare faced; we want a "natural but there" makeup look, if that makes sense. So how to achieve this? Here are some easy tips for natural-looking makeup that still looks like you're made up.

Use A Brush To Apply Your Foundation

I find it easier to get a nice sheer layer of foundation on with a good foundation brush (like the Morphe Y7 brush) as opposed to a foundation sponge, which generally yields a heavier application. My method: Pump or pour your foundation onto the back of your hand, then dip the brush in before applying to the face in circular motions. Blend well, and be sure to run the foundation down your neck for proper blending. 

Go Easy On Powder

For me, powder is like hairspray: things can get out of hand pretty quickly if I'm not careful. But just like more hairspray is never the answer for a bad hair day, more powder is never the answer for a natural makeup look. Go ahead and dust on the power, but go easy. For throughout-the-day touchups, blot carefully and resist the urge to add more powder.

Skip The Pencil Eyeliner

Instead, apply a dark eyeshadow with an angled brush, like the elf Small Angled Brush, close to the lashline. Be sure to tap off any excess powder before applying, or dampen the brush with water or setting spray before dipping into the powder.

Choose Brow Plumper Over Brow Pencil

L'Oreal's Brow Stylist Brow Plumper is one of my favorites for natural-but-defined brows. To apply: run the wand backwards through the brow hairs to thoroughly coat, then run the wand back through the right way, smoothing the hairs down in place. The result? Beautiful, defined brows that aren't overdone!

Skip The Contouring And Just Use Blush

We all got along just fine before the practice of contouring came into vogue, and there's no law that says we need to look totally sculpted before we leave the house. Give yourself permission to skip the contouring and go with blush for a natural, everyday look.

Choose A Bolder Eye Or A Bolder Lip

For a natural look, make either your eyes or your lips stand out; not both. If you choose a more dramatic eye look, go with a sheer wash of neutral lipstick or gloss on the lips. If you choose a dramatic, lined lip, go with a neutral diffused eyeshadow color.

What techniques do you use when you want a more natural makeup look?

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  1. I'm 42 and I really appreciate these tips, especially for the eyebrows as I do love a properly made pencil. The Sisley items caught my eye but it's disheartening to know they're not worth re-purchasing. Otherwise, I'm glad I found your blog, finally someone in my age group so thank you..

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you have found the tips and the blog useful. :)