Contradictory Makeup Advice & Authenticity

When you search for "makeup tips for mature women," you find all sorts of advice about what we should and should not do, and much of it is contradictory when taken in aggregate. Consider the following statements, each of which I've recently seen or heard online with respect to women over 40:

  • "Natural is best."
  • "Don't go too natural."
  • "You need to add pops of color."
  • "Women over 40 should not wear eyeshadow."
  • "Accentuate your eyes."
  • "Avoid powders."
  • "Be sure to set your concealer with powder."
  • "Don't use lip gloss."
  • "Use lip gloss."
  • "Pump up your lashes."
  • "Don't use a volumizing mascara."

How to sort this all out? My advice is don't. It is easy to get frustrated when you hear (for example) not to do something that you're currently doing, or that you must be doing something that you know just doesn't work for you. But don't worry about it. Those "rules" may or may not apply to you, and I think that we're better off focusing on authenticity. In other words, let's find out what WE like and what works best on ourselves as individuals and go with it.

What "rules" have you seen that just don't work for you?

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