My (By Necessity) Capsule Makeup Collection

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My destroyed makeup was part of this garbage pile.
When I evacuated my home during Hurricane Harvey, I left with just two makeup items: My Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Powder in Warm Silk (my holy grail foundation for no-makeup makeup days) and a MAC 182 Buffer Brush. That's it. Everything else (other than my makeup brushes and lipsticks, which survived) was lost. It was time to re-purchase a makeup collection.

But where to start? It was a little overwhelming.

I decided NOT to replace everything. At least not right away. Instead, I purchased just the items I absolutely needed to create the look I wear on a day-to-day basis: Natural, but noticeable. I basically created a capsule makeup collection - that is, a stripped-down kit limited to the things I most often rely on.

At the end of the day, here's what I selected, along with the aforementioned Jane Iredale Pressed Mineral Powder:

And that's it!

Of course, I'm not happy that my makeup was lost in the flood, but it was an interesting experience to consider which items were the basics that I really needed. I've also learned that I can survive on much less makeup than I think I need. 

What would your must-have makeup items be if you had to start over?

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